Painted Hollow Farm

Pasture Boarding

Pasture boarding is being offered to those you who are not looking to keep your equine friends in a stall. We offer a beautiful quiet setting. Your equine friend will find a home here with many other horses of various ages and breeds.
We are set up for anyone who needs a place for their equine friend while they live out of state, go to school, or just like a family setting.
All horses have access to a run-in shelter, secure electric fencing, secure gates, water tanks that are heated in the winter, free choice salt, pasture when available or otherwise being bale feed twice a day (we grow our own hay). If your horse requires grain we do charge an additional fee for graining your horse twice a day, 365 days a year. (I do not just put the grain bucket out but stay with your equine friend until they finish it.) You would need to supply your own grain. We do recommend Nutrena feeds.
Our farm consists of 50 acres with a riding arena, a 60 foot round pen and a 30 foot round pen. We are set a 1/2 mile back off of our dead end road. There is area to ride outside the security of the pens and arenas. Unforuntaly, right now we do not have a indoor arena. But there are plans for one in the future. There is usually someone home most of time.
If you decide you would like to board your equine friend  by us please contact us so we can send you (or pick up) a boarding application.
f you need any more information please drop us a e-mail or give us a call. We can also schedule an appointment for a farm visit.

  • Boarding Prices

We offer two different packages for your needs:
  • Basic........$175  per month per horse
This is basic board for those who just want a safe place to keep your horse or you just like to jump in the saddle and go. You have no need for round pens and riding arenas.
  • Premium .....$225  per month per horse
This would include use of our new outdoor arena, both round pens, quarterly deworming.
  • trailer parking if needed
  • farrier on site
  • pasture in summer and hay in winter (pasture when available)
  • salt blocks
  • 4H, WIHA and FFA members
  • Mare and geldings separated
  • Graining is available
$50 per month per once a day
$100 per month twice per day
you need to supply your own grain and metal storage bin
  • trails
  • private drive a 1/2 mile off main road
  • Easy access to I90

Out and about around the farm!
     The many sites and views that you see here on our farm. Enjoy the view from horseback or on the ground. Beautiful sunsets are always such a blessing but then a storm can leave you in awe too.
Trail riding
We are avid trail riders here on the our facility. We extend the invitation to ride to all our boarders. We do not rent horses for trail rides. These horses are personally owned by us or our boarders. We ride our tree lines, through our fields, on the road, and through the woods. During hunting season it is required that all riders where safety colors. We also night ride. So if you like having fun on the trail come board with us and have some fun!